ShareFile Tax Portal Instructions


Step 1

You will receive an email letting you know you were granted access to your new Sharefile Folder.  From this email you will click the link to “Activate your account and view this folder”. This is when you will set a password to access your folder.


Setup Sharefile after click link in email.JPG
Create password.JPG

Step 2

You will  set up your Login information and set a password


2018 folder.JPG

Step 3

Once you access your portal you will see a folder for each tax year, as well as a Permanent folder. Once you click into 2018 you will see 3 sub folders- for each type of document you may have.

Please upload any legal documents, property purchase/sale documents, and LLC/Entity setup documents to the permanent folder.

Additionally, in the 2018 folder you will see an unsigned copy of your engagement letter. You don’t need to do anything with this document- The same letter has been emailed to you via Right Signature. Please use the Right signature email to E-sign the Engagement letter. Once you do it will add the signed version to your 2018 folder as well.

Sharefile tasks.JPG

Step 4

Additionally, in your 2018 folder there will be a link to your Tax Organizer.

This is a fill & Submit form with questions related to your 2018 taxes. Please complete this Organizer at your earliest convenience.


Step 5

If you have multiple businesses or rentals - you can create a sub folder for each if that is easier for you to keep your documents organized.

You can also right click a document- and “add note” to leave a note attached to the document as well.