ShareFile Tax Portal Instructions


Step 1

You will receive an email letting you know you were granted access to your new Sharefile Folder.  From this email you will click the link to “Activate your account and view this folder”. This is when you will set a password to access your folder.


Setup Sharefile after click link in email.JPG
Create password.JPG

Step 2

You will  set up your Login information and set a password


Portal Dashboard.JPG

Step 3

Once you access your portal you will see any document requests from Kolodij Tax. The first time you login please wait until you see a list to upload tax documents. (See example to the left) The list will be there within 48 hours. If there are relevant documents you feel we’ll need that you don’t see on the list, you can use the “+” symbol to upload these.

Additionally, when you log into the portal there will be a link that opens the new digital tax organizer. It’s just basic questions we need to complete your taxes.

Sharefile tasks.JPG

Step 4

Within 48 hours of your portal being set up you will receive an email notifying you of tasks that require your action. This email means that we have now uploaded the list of documents we’ll need to prepare your tax return. Please click “Complete Tasks” to view the list of documents requested.


Once document uploaded.JPG

Step 5

Once you click “Complete Tasks” You will see the list of documents we’ve requested. Please use this list to upload your documents. You will click “Update” to upload the document(s) and add notes.


Upload documents.JPG

Step 6

Once you click “Update” next to an item on the list you will be brought to the upload and comments screen. From here you can upload 1 or more documents for that item - and you can add notes related to these items on the right side of the screen. Once all documents are uploaded you will click “Submit for review” – and the firm will be notified that your new documents are uploaded.


Once document uploaded.JPG

Step 7

Once you have uploaded documents you’ll notice the status change to “For Review” on the list. This means that we’ve received the documents. It also notes how many files you uploaded. If we have questions or a document is missing, we’ll send a comment through the portal. If it looks like everything is uploaded and no further questions- the status will change from “For review” to “Completed”.


Using the list will help you track which documents you still need to send us, and help us know which items we’re still waiting on.


If during tax preparation we realize we need additional documents, you’ll receive a new list titled “Open Items”- which will be any items we need to finalize the tax return.